Well it has been an interesting first week since I joined online. I have had quite a few visitors to the site (thanks!) but no comments yet – I am sure they will be forthcoming. Before I review the past week, just to update you on the coming week: there will be two blogs – one on poker (Texas Hold’em variant) and one on Maths (I went to the magic shop!)

This week started off back at work and, in fact, there was a lot to do. We had out first Parents evening of the year which went quite well, then this Wednesday some people were taking their Oxbridge pre-interview tests (such as BMAT, Maths test etc.). I hope they did well (certainly the Maths students were well prepared, but they didn’t seem too confident afterwards – as I said to them, it is in the hands of the fates now but they should keep the faith as they won’t be rejected outright unless they scored spectacularly badly and since they are talented I am sure they will be fine!).

Also, I played poker on Thursday and Saturday. While I did not do too well on Thursday, a friend of mine came second in the tournament that day, taking home a few hundred quid, and on Saturday I came 8th in the tournament which meant I got my money back; about sixty quid. I could have gone to a quiz (and probably should have as I saw someone today who said they wished I had been there to answer some Maths questions) but poker seemed more interesting. More on my poker exploits in a blog later this week.

This Sunday I was in work helping to audition some acts for a “talent” night on Tuesday – which turned out to be rather boring as hardly anyone turned up. While I wanted to be Simon Cowell, I never got the chance. So I left at around 2pm-ish and went home to watch the football – and what a game it was! Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea! An excellent result for my team (Liverpool) with Fernando Torres scoring twice; the second a quite sublime shot. I think I screamed out at the TV when it went in! Quality!

This coming week should be a bit quieter – but when I wish for such weeks, it rarely happens. Hey-ho. Peace!