Today (Monday 1st November) we go back to work. It should be an exciting half-term in the run up to Christmas – 6 weeks of work left, and then a holiday from December 10th until the start of January – as most of the work will be done, particularly for those who have examinations in January.

This half-term has been a bit of a peculiar one – I went away for a few days in Edinburgh to visit my friend Haggis (you can follow Haggis here) – and then was back here for a few days and everything seems to have been a bit of a blur. Haggis is also a Mathematician and works in knot theory (something which I touched on at university, but which I am certainly nowhere near being expert – or competent – in).

One thing my first Mathematicial blog will be on that Haggis reminded me of (on twitter) is about making infinite sums make sense. I am sure you will look forward to that.

Another thing is that I am breathing a lot better now that my owner has quit getting 20-30 fixes per day.

Finally, it is World Series time at the moment – I was introduced to baseball in about 2002 by my research supervisor, and the San Francisco giants in particular. Well, its 2010 and the Giants are again in the “Fall Classic” and, even as I write this blog post, they are about to start Game 4 (holding a 2-1 lead at present, with the prospect of facing Cliff Lee again in Game 5 – the Texas star pitcher). I have followed the Giants ever since and, during the Bonds era always hoped they would win for him. However, they have a chance now without Barry, and how remarkable it would be for them as they have not won a series since they moved out to the West Coast. Finger crossed.

I will be posting my first Mathematical blog on Tuesday so until then, peace 🙂